Procedures for the Local Procurement of Insignia

1. Authorization for local procurement of insignia as specified in paragraph 3 below is contained in AR 710-2 and AR 670-1. Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) and regimental collar insignia (RCI) are locally procured. In addition, authorized shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) may be locally procured until it is centrally procured and stocked through the Soldier Systems Directorate, Philadelphia. After shoulder sleeve insignia has been stocked by Philadelphia, local purchase is unauthorized.

2. After an insignia item has been approved by The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH), one of the following actions will be taken based upon the type of funds used for procurement:

a. Use of Appropriated Funds. Requisitions will be submitted through supply channels and purchased by local command servicing procurement officers for Active Army and Army Reserve units and by the USP&FO for Army National Guard units. A purchase request for local procurement will be prepared and submitted to the contracting officer in accordance with local procedures. The contracting officer will provide the manufacturer with the official manufacturing drawing for bidding purposes. Upon obtaining an acceptable bid, the contracting officer will advise the selected manufacturer to contact TIOH for loan of government tools to be used in manufacturing metal insignia items. A drawing is not required for RCI.

b. Use of Nonappropriate Funds. AR 670-1 permits use of nonappropriated funds (Unit Fund) for purchase of DUI when appropriated funds are not available. Unit funds may not be used to purchase SSI or RCI. A manufacturer must be selected from the list of manufacturers certified by TIOH for unit fund and other types of nonappropriated purchases, such as group purchases.

3. All insignia must be manufactured by firms certified by TIOH in accordance with AR 672-8. Procurement of insignia from non-certified manufacturers or from foreign or offshore sources is not authorized. Manufacturers who are interested in becoming certified manufacturers will be referred to the Director, The Institute of Heraldry for certification. All invitations for bids or contracts should include a statement that the insignia will be made in accordance with the specifications and tools provided by TIOH.

a. Distinctive Unit and Regimental Collar Insignia. DUI and regimental collar insignia must have the hallmark of the manufacturer stamped on the reverse. In addition, all DUI must have "Made in USA" stamped on the reverse. DUI will be manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-14654(IH). Regimental collar insignia will be manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-3575 for officers and MIL-I-15665 for enlisted personnel. Purchase request for DUI should include unit designation and the motto contained on the DUI, if applicable. Requests for regimental collar insignia or DUI should include unit designation and the motto contained on the DUI, if applicable. Requests for regimental collar insignia should include the name of the branch and the regimental number. Note: The battalion numerical designation will not be placed on Infantry, Armor, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, or Aviation regimental collar insignia. Hubs and/or dies will be loaned to the contractor by TIOH.

b. Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. Shoulder sleeve insignia will be manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-14652. The contractor will be advised that a "cartoon" (pattern) showing the placement and the number of stitches for the SSI may be obtained from TIOH.

c. ROTC Shoulder Loop Insignia. Solicitations for ROTC shoulder loop insignia should indicate that the insignia will be manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-14654(IH) and the contractor will be responsible for making any hubs and dies necessary for manufacturing. The design will be in accordance with the TIOH approved drawing.

d. Beret Flashes, Background Trimmings and ROTC Institutional SSI. The solicitation should indicate the insignia will be manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-14652 from the approved TIOH drawing. A "cartoon" (pattern) is not provided for these items.

4. The manufacturer is required to submit preproduction samples of all insignia to TIOH regardless of whether appropriated or nonappropriated funds are used for procurement. Once samples are approved, TIOH will issue a letter to the manufacturer authorizing manufacture of the insignia item. National Guard regulations currently require that a copy of the letter be forwarded by the manufacturer to the USP&FO prior to completion of the order. This procedure is recommended for inclusion in contracts by Regular Army and US Army Reserve procurement officers to insure that samples have been approved by TIOH.

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