ROTC Regulations

  • AR 145-2, TRADOC Supplement 1 to 145-2 and AR 840-10 (JROTC)
  • AR 145-1 and AR 840-10 (SROTC)

The Institute of Heraldry at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, is responsible for the design of ROTC shoulder loop insignia (SLI) (metal and enamel devices), shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) and ROTC organizational flags. The length of time required to design your insignia and/or flag is dependent upon the number of requests received. It has recently varied from just 60 days to over 6 months.

To obtain the SSI or SLI, submit a written request for authorization to The Institute of Heraldry through proper channels, the school district (if one, some school districts have one insignia for all schools), through your ROTC Brigade, through the US Army Cadet Command. There is no charge to you for design of these items. However, each school pays for manufacture of its insignia (SLI or SSI) through its own ROTC budget. We are providing you a form, which may be used in requesting the SLI and/or SSI. The flag is an "issue" item; there is no charge to you for its design or production.

Shoulder Loop Insignia (SLI)

Shoulder Loop Insignia (SLI)

Size: Not larger than 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm).

Purpose: Promotes esprit de corps.

Acceptable items: Military/educational items showing nature of the organization; historical items; special achievement; mission of the school, unit or area; elements of school seal. The school motto may appear on a scroll attached to the SLI.

Unacceptable items: Cartoon characters, logos, dates, cities, states and letters "ROTC" or other letters as part of the design.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI)

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI)

Size: Not larger than 3 inches (8.89 cm).

Purpose: Worn on the right shoulder sleeve; identifies ROTC unit.

Acceptable items: Mascot, distinctive buildings, landmarks, geographical or regional features (but not actual county or state outlines). The school name or nickname may appear on a designation band or may be attached above/below the design.

Unacceptable items: Cartoon characters, logos, dates, cities, states and the letters "ROTC" or other letters as part of the design.

Organizational Flag and Guidons

When your school enters the ROTC program, it is entitled to an organizational flag and guidon(s). Clothing and Heraldry in Philadelphia maintains base drawings from which the flags and guidons for all schools can be produced.

The JROTC schools can order their flags and guidons directly from Philadelphia. The SROTC flag contains the seal or device of the university, which must be sent to this Institute to complete a manufacturing drawing. Flags and guidons should be requisitioned through supply channels on DD Form 1348-6 (Manual), Routing Identifier Code AP 5, from US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, Clothing and Heraldry, Product Integration Directorate, 700 Robbins Avenue, PO Box 57997, Philadelphia, PA 19111-7997 or online at POC at the Command is Ms. Bullard, (215) 737-2522.

To request items for your school, complete the PDF ROTC Request Worksheet and return, through region, to The Institute of Heraldry.

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