Intelligence Community Expeditionary Service Medal
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Obverse: On a bronze color disk 1-1/4 inches (3.18 cm) in diameter overall consisting of a globe with grid lines charged with a heraldic rose bearing a disc with a compass rose, all encircled by the inscription “EXPEDITIONARY” at top and “SERVICE” around the bottom between two diamonds.

Reverse: On the reverse, a griffin sejant grasping in dexter talons a bundle of five arrows points up, all encircled by the inscription “DEPLOYED” at the top and “INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS” around the bottom between two diamonds.

Old Glory Blue, White, Bluebird, Green, Buff and Scarlet. The Blue, White and Scarlet are our National colors. The White, Lighter Blue, Buff and Green allude to the different terrains and areas of operation including air, land and sea.

See Intelligence Community Directive Number 655 (National Intelligence Awards Program).


The heraldic rose, symbol of secrecy and confidence, refers to “sub rosa” which is Latin for “under the rose.” It has been a traditional symbol to describe something to be kept secret and not repeated anywhere. The compass rose at center, a symbol for guidance and navigation, and the globe with grid lines, represent the world wide mission of the organization.

On the reverse, the griffin is a regal heraldic beast of diligence, strength and power. It is grasping a bundle of arrows to underscore the danger and combat side of being sent to dangerous areas of the world.

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