Defense Health Agency
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Upon a light blue globe, gridlined gold and bordered with a gold rope, a shield blazoned: Per pale Azure and Gules, entwined on a staff Or a snake Vert eyed of the second, the upper portion within an arc of seven mullets Argent, all within a bordure Or. Attached below the shield is a white scroll with a gold border inscribed “PRO CURA MILITIS” in red letters. Surrounding the center portion is a white designation band, edged gold, inscribed “DEFENSE HEALTH AGENCY”--“DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE” in blue letters.

Light blue is traditionally associated with the Department of Defense, and the globe represents the health services provided for military men, women and their families both in the Continental United States and overseas. The gold rope is a symbol of honor and encompasses the globe, representing dedication to service. The shield displays our nation’s colors of red, white and blue. The seven white stars represent the seven entities served by the Defense Health Agency. The staff of Asclepius is a symbol traditionally associated with military medical units. The motto, “PRO CURA MILITIS,” translates to “The care of the warrior.”

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