Gary Community School Corporation, Gary IN
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Shoulder Loop Insignia

A silver Color metal and enamel device 11/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consisting of a silver stylized rectangular shield pointed at the top and bottom bearing a yellow sinister hand appaumé issuing from dexter base and supporting the black silhouetted figures of a girl and a boy; attached above the shield a silver scroll inscribed “IN OUR TRUST” and attached below the shield a silver scroll in scribed “GARY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS” all in blue letters.

The silver shield represents truth and symbolizes education as the best fortification and defense against uncertainty. The yellow hand denotes the “golden torch of learning” and supports the two figures, which represents the students of Gary. The blue of the motto and designation symbolizes constancy and dedication.

The shoulder loop insignia was approved on 08 April 1986.

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