Combat Infantry and Expert Infantry Streamers
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Combat Infantry Streamer

Combat Infantry Streamer (1st Award)
Combat Infantry Streamer (2d Award)
Expert Infantry

Combat and Expert Infantry Unit Streamers. A white ribbon with blue embroidered inscription ''COMBAT INFANTRY (UNIT)'' or ''EXPERT INFANTRY (UNIT)'' is awarded to brigade or smaller size units. The Combat Infantry streamer may be awarded by commanders of divisions, corps, or armies if 65 percent or more of the TOE strength of the unit has been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge during military operations. Award for subsequent military operations are reflected by a blue embroidered star after the inscription. The expert infantry streamer may be awarded by commanders of battalions or brigades when 65 percent or more of the assigned strength of the brigade or smaller size unit is awarded the Expert Infantryman Badge during annual testing. The Expert Infantry Streamer may be displayed for one year. Devices to indicate subsequent awards are not authorized.

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