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On a disc as a globe divided per bend Celeste and Azure, gridlined Or, in nombril a lightning bolt bend sinisterwise of the last, overall from sinister base a stallion, couped at the shoulder Gules, detailed Sable, all within a narrow border Black.

Above the disc, a Yellow scroll edged with a narrow Black border and inscribed "SEMPER DUCIMUS" in Black letters.

Below the disc, a Yellow scroll edged with a narrow Black border and inscribed "567TH RED HORSE SQ" in Black letters.


Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The horse symbolizes an aggressive and powerful force. The horse is noble and confident, representative of the unit's honorable character in the pursuit of warlike deeds in addition to symbolizing the unit's courage, valor and passion to take on any mission. The horse's mane symbolizes the Squadron's mighty determination to accomplish the mission. The globe as depicted is representative of day and night, symbolizing any time, any place ? a commitment of the courage and fortitude of the 567th Red Horse Squadron. The lightning bolt represents a force to be reckoned with, swift and mighty in action. The motto, "SEMPER DUCIMUS," translates to "ALWAYS LEAD" and aptly identifies the unit's desire and ability to do so.

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