USCG Greater Antilles Section
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Argent, on a compass rose throughout Azure, a sentry-tower of Fort El Morro, Puerto Rico, Proper, all within a bordure Gules.


A scroll Azure doubled and inscribed "ALWAYS READY" Or.


Two anchors saltirewise Argent.


The coat of arms blazoned between the inscription "GREATER ANTILLES SECTION" at top and "U.S. COAST GUARD" at bottom in white letters, all on a light blue disc bordered with a white rope.


The colors blue, red, and white are traditionally associated with the Coast Guard. Gold stands

for excellence and alludes to the name of the section's home base, Puerto Rico, or Rich Port.

The compass rose refers to navigation and the wide area of service and control patrolled by the

Coast Guard. The Spanish heritage of the location is recalled by the tower from Fort El Morro,

built by Spain in the 16th century.

The bordure denotes the all-encompassing nature of the duties of the Greater Antilles Section. These include marine safety and rescue, containment of illegal activities involving the transportation of foreign nationals and drugs, and protection of the marine environment.

Red stands for courage and resolution, light blue for protection of coastal waters.

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