USCG Maritime Intelligence Fusion Center Pacific
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A circular device consisting of a stylized terrestrial globe, the ocean areas deep blue in base, fading into a lighter blue at top, with black land masses depicting North and South America and Asia, charged with a bronze key fesswise, wards downward to dexter, and a gold trident, tines upward, surmounted by a lightning flash and a writing quill saltirewise gold, overall a gold shield of thirteen bars and stars, all enclosed within a black designation band edged on the outside with gold rope and a gold edging inside and inscribed at top "MARITIME INTELLLIGENCE FUSION CENTER" and "USCG" in base in white letters between two gold mullets highlighted white.


The globe suggests the process of fusion on an international scale which the Center achieves through the melding of information and intelligence disciplines to secure the safety, economy and effectiveness of Maritime Domain Awareness. The crossed lightning flash and quill represent electronic, computer, coding, internet imagery and human applications which drive worldwide operations and support the Intelligence requirements of U.S. and international authorities. The key denotes security and emphasizes the Pacific responsibilities of the Center. The shield represents the United States Coast Guard and its role in maintaining security in the Pacific and other regions. The trident symbolizes maritime capabilities and expertise. Gold denotes excellence.

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