USCG Nationwide Automatic Identification System
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On a disc divided fesswise dark blue with thirteen white mullets above and six scarlet bands on white below, a compass rose of four points Celeste blue shaded Azure intertwining a cutlass and an officer's sword points down saltirewise in proper colors; overall a Celeste blue shield edged Azure bearing a map of the Western hemisphere in green and buff displaying off-shore symbols of tracked shipping vessels, with two elliptical dark gold bands enclosing the shield and intersecting below the continental United States, the whole device within an encircling dark blue band edged gold on the inside and banded with gold rope on the outside and inscribed at top " NATIONWIDE AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM" and "U.S. COAST GUARD" in base in white letters between two gold lightning flashes.


The disc background is based on the National Flag and represents the United States. The shield shows the major areas of operation of the system and displays symbols of different classes of shipping being monitored within it. The two elliptical bands symbolize the electronic and satellite capabilities of the operation. The two swords represent the diversity of personnel and mission requirements involved in the successful operation of the Identification System and its importance to America's defense and commercial activities.

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