USCGC Joshua Appleby (WLM 556)
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Coat of Arms



Per pale Gules and Argent, surmounted by a trident throughout Azure, charged with a bar wavy counterchanged of the field surmounted by a barulet of the third overall in pale a coastal buoy counterchanged of the first and second, on a point in point Sable, wrecker's tools, a grappler and lifting block with hook proper.


From a wreath Argent and Gules.Over a sun in its glory proper and issuant from a wavy Azure tipped of the first a depiction of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge proper.


A scroll Argent with swallow tail ends wrapped around the supporter sword points bordered in Azure detail lines edged of the field and doubled Gules the inscription "THE WRECKING KEEPER" of the like.


A sword and cutlass in saltire proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USCGC JOSHUA APPLEBY" above and "WLM 556" below in gold.



Red, white and blue our national colors, are also the traditional Coast Guard colors. The shield is divided by the first two colors. The trident signifies one of the ships mission objectives, the enforcement of maritime laws and treaties. The bar wavy charged with a blue barulet wavy symbolizes two more of the Cutters four part mission, the protection of the marine environment and search and rescue duties. Overall floats a coastal buoy indicating the primary mission, tending aids to navigation. In base is a black chevron shaped point indicating the black hulls of the Keeper Class Cutters. Charging the black hull are wrecker's tools, a grappler and lifting block with hook. Joshua Appleby was a "Wrecker" in the Florida Keys prior to being the Lighthouse Keeper of Sand Key light.


Over a sun a depiction of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge which spans Tampa Bay Florida, home port to the USCGC Joshua Appleby.


The sword and cutlass represent the crew of the USCGC Joshua Appleby.

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