USCG Gulf Coast Primary Crew Assembly Facility
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Gules, a pale Argent; overall an anchor palewise Or bearing on its stock a mullet Azure, interlaced by a key ward to base of the third and a quill of the second saltirewise; a bordure Argent (Silver). Resting on top of the shield is a demi-compass rose Argent (Silver) and radiating between its points are four mullets Azure.


On either side of the shield in base, two wavy bars of the sea Azure top edges Celeste, cresting to the edge of the field.


A coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a White disc edged with a Gold rope border enclosed by a Dark Blue border edged Silver on the outside inscribed with "USCG GULF COAST PRIMARY CREW ASSEMBLY FACILITY" in White with a bullet in base of the like.



Red is the color of valor and zeal and Blue symbolizes loyalty. Blue and White refer to the colors of the sea. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. The anchor signifies sea prowess and the rich maritime history of the Coast Guard. The key is for logistic control and the quill, administration. They both represent the mission of CG PCAF to provide direct administrative and logistics support to the crews reporting to the contractor's facility in Pascagoula, MS to accept delivery of the new Deepwater assets. The compass rose represents guidance and management. The total of five stars on the coat of arms highlight the Areas of Operation of the organization which are the Texas Gulf, Alabama Gulf, Louisiana Gulf, Florida Gulf and the largest star being for the Mississippi Gulf, the organization's location and primary responsibility.


The waves of the sea represent the coastal waters of the Gulf. The shield alludes to a ship cutting through the sea waves.

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