USCGC Sea Dragon (WPB87367)
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Coat of Arms



Or (Gold), a mythological sea dragon Gules (Scarlet) intertwining a bronze trident palewise Proper, a bordure of the second.


On a wreath Or and Gules a demi-sunburst of the first surmounted by a demi-ship's wheel Proper.


The coat of arms as described above on a white disc within a dark blue designation band edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed at top "USCGC SEA DRAGON" and in base "WPB 87367" in gold.



The dragon represents the ship and the mission to enforce protective maritime zones and provide security for U.S. submarines. The trident signifies authority and law enforcement missions. The bordure denotes co-ordination and unity of effort and implementation of mission requirements. Scarlet symbolizes courage and sacrifice, gold denotes excellence and achievement.


The demi-ship's wheel represents world-wide navigation and Coast Guard supervision of protective zones. The sunburst denotes vigilance and clarity of purpose.


"FROM THE SEA WE RULE" in gold lettering on a dark blue scroll garnished gold and double dark blue.

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