USCGC Sapelo (WPB 1314)
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Coat of Arms



Or, three piles Azure, two issuant from chief charged with a conch shell and a sprig of redwood fructed of the field and one in base charged with a pheon inverted Argent; overall, two officer's swords hilts to base, tips to middle chief Gules.


On a wreath Or and Azure a mount Vert, thereon a representation of Sapelo lighthouse lighted and encircled by a laurel wreath Proper; all surmounted by a naval crown of the first.




The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USCGC SAPELO" above and "WPB 1314" below in gold.



Gold denotes excellence. The three piles represent the qualities indicated by the motto, "Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty". Blue symbolizes duty at sea. The home ports used by the Sapelo today and in the past are represented respectively by the conch shell, for Florida, and the sprig of redwood for California. The pheon in base signifies the Sapelo's fighting capabilities and her mission of law enforcement in US waters. The swords denote readiness in all situations and mission assignments of particular importance. Scarlet denotes courage, white, or silver, indicates integrity.


The grassy mount represents Sapelo Island, site of the famous lighthouse after which WPB 1314 takes its name. The wreath recalls the many awards and commendations gained by the Sapelo. Both the grassy mount and wreath refer also to the ship's mission of protecting the environment, and to the research of estuary and marsh habitats at the island. The naval crown signifies achievement, the simply designed wooden boats which decorate it recalling the Gullah heritage of island inhabitants and the coastal waters patrolled by the Sapelo. Gold signifies excellence. The lighthouse lantern is lit, indicating watchfulness and preparedness.


A dark blue scroll doubled scarlet inscribed "Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty" in white. The three colors are traditionally associated with the U.S. Coast Guard

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