USCGC Petrel (WPB 87350)
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Coat of Arms



Celeste, a demi-sphere issuing from chief Azure (Dark Blue), the chief embattled of four merlons, each charged with an international visual call sign Proper in the sequence from dexter, November-Alpha-Yankee-Uniform; a demi-trident issuing from base Or, the shaft enfiled by a life-ring Proper.


On a wreath Or and Celeste an antique compass rose as prepared by cartographer Reinel, Celeste, Azure and Gules charged with a bezant edged of the last, thereon a petrel in flight silhouette Azure, all surmounted in base by a representation of the Coast Guard Cutterman badge Argent.


Behind the shield, two Coast Guard cutlasses saltirewise points to base, handguards and grips Or.


On a tripartite Gold scroll doubled Azure intertwining the blade tips of the supporting swords the motto "DEFEND PROTECT SAVE" in Azure letters.


The coat of arms as described above upon a white disc within a dark blue designation band enclosed by a bordure of gold rope and inscribed at top "USCGC PETREL" and in base "WPB 87350" in gold letters.



Celeste Blue and Azure represent the coastal and ocean waters in which the Petrel operates and carries out its missions. The trident signifies authority at sea and protection of United States' coastlines with regard to law enforcement and environmental concerns. The Azure demi-sphere represents global ocean capability and service. The life-ring symbolizes the cutter's water safety and life-saving missions. The crenellated shield represents national defense and bears the Petrel's identifying visual call signs in sequence. The supporting cutlasses represent the crew members of the ship. Gold denotes excellence.


The vast scope of the petrel's ocean life is represented by the compass rose, which refers also to the range of the missions undertaken by USCGC Petrel. The men and women who serve are signified by a representation of the Coast Guard Cutterman pin. The gold of the bezant denotes excellence and achievement, the enclosing scarlet annulet signifies unity and courage. The namesake of WPB 87350 is shown soaring in flight, symbolizing endurance, purpose and widely-ranging activity.

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