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701st Airlift Squadron
701st Munitions Support Squadron
702d Munitions Support Squadron
703d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
703d Munitions Support Squadron
704th Civil Engineer Squadron
704th Communications Squadron
704th Munitions Support Squadron
705th Exercise Control Squadron
705th Munitions Squadron
705th Training Squadron
707th Communications Squadron
707th Force Support Squadron
707th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
709th Airlift Squadron
709th Maintenance Support Squadron
709th Munitions Squadron
709th Nuclear Systems Squadron
710th Combat Operations Squadron
710th Medical Operations Squadron
711th Human Performance Wing
711th Special Operations Squadron
712th Air Base Group
712th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
712th Civil Engineer Squadron
714th Training Squadron
716th Communications Flight
716th Maintenance Squadron
716th Test Squadron
717th Air Base Squadron
717th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
717th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron
717th Test Squadron
718th Test Squadron
719th Maintenance Squadron
720th Operations Support Squadron
721st Aerial Port Squadron
721st Air Mobility Operations Group
721st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
722d Aeromedical Staging Squadron
723d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
723d Maintenance Squadron
724th Air Mobility Squadron
724th Operations Support Squadron
724th Special Tactics Group
724th Special Tactics Support Squadron
725th Air Mobility Squadron
726th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron
727th Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
728th Air Control Squadron
728th Armament Systems Group
729th Air Control Squadron
730th Airlift Squadron
732d Air Expeditionary Group
732d Air Mobility Squadron
733d Mission Support Group
733d Training Squadron
735th Communications Squadron
735th Supply Chain Operations Group
736th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
736th Security Forces Squadron
737th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
737th Training Group
738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
738th Engineering Installation Squadron
743d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
744th Communications Squadron
746th Test Squadron
746th Test Support Squadron
748th Supply Chain Management Group
751st Electronic Systems Group
752d Medical Squadron
752d Operations Support Squadron
753d Electronic Systems Group
755th Air Expeditionary Group
755th Air Expeditionary Squadron
755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
755th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron
755th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
755th International Materiel Squadron
756th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
757th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
757th Airlift Squadron
763d Maintenance Squadron
766th Specialized Contracting Squadron
771st Test Squadron
772d Test Squadron
773d Civil Engineer Squadron
773d Logistics Readiness Squadron
773d Test Squadron
775th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
777th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
777th Expeditionary Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force Squadron
779th Medical Group
780th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
780th Test Squadron
781st Test Squadron
782d Test Squadron
782d Training Group
786th Communications Squadron
786th Force Support Squadron
786th Security Forces Squadron
789th Communications Squadron
791st Missile Security Forces Squadron
792d Intelligence Support Squadron
796th Civil Engineer Squadron
796th Test Support Squadron
798th Munitions Maintenance Group
799th Air Base Group
799th Air Base Squadron
799th Security Forces Squadron

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