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602d Training Group (Provisional)
603d Air and Space Operations Center
603d Air Communications Squadron
603d Air Control Squadron
603d Support Group
605th Air Intelligence Squadron
605th Air Operations Group
605th Air Operations Squadron
606th Air Control Squadron
607th Air and Space Communications Group
607th Air Communications Squadron
607th Air Control Squadron
607th Air Intelligence Squadron
607th Air Operations Group
607th Air Support Squadron
607th Combat Operations Squadron
607th Combat Plans Squadron
607th Materiel Maintenance Squadron
607th Support Group
607th Support Squadron
607th Weather Squadron
608th Air and Space Operations Center
608th Air Communications Squadron
608th Air Intelligence Squadron
608th Combat Operations Squadron
608th Combat Plans Squadron
608th Strategic Operations Squadron
609th Air Intelligence Group
609th Air Operations Group
609th Combat Operations Squadron
609th Information Warfare Squadron
610th Air Control Flight
611th Air and Space Operations Center
611th Air Communications Squadron
611th Air Intelligence Squadron
611th Air Operations Group
611th Air Operations Squadron
612th Air Base Squadron
612th Air Intelligence Squadron
612th Air Operations Group
612th Combat Operations Squadron
612th Combat Plans Squadron
612th Support Squadron
612th Theater Operations Group
613th Air and Space Operations Center
613th Contingency Response Group
613th Contingency Response Squadron
613th Support Group
614th Operations Support Flight
614th Space Communications Squadron
614th Space Intelligence Group
614th Space Intelligence Squadron
614th Space Operations Group
614th Space Operations Squadron
615th Contingency Response Wing
616th Air Communications Squadron
616th Support Group
617th Air and Space Operations Center
618th Air and Space Operations Center (TACC)
620th Ground Combat Training Squadron
621st Contingency Operations Support Group
621st Contingency Response Wing
622d Aeromedical Staging Squadron
622d Regional Support Group
623d Air and Space Operations Center
623d Air Control Flight
624th Air Control Flight
624th Operations Center
624th Regional Support Group
625th Strategic Operations Squadron
627th Air Base Group
627th Logistics Readiness Squadron
628th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
628th Air Base Wing
628th Civil Engineer Squadron
628th Communications Squadron
628th Comptroller Squadron
628th Contracting Squadron
628th Force Support Squadron
628th Logistics Readiness Squadron
628th Medical Support Squadron
628th Security Forces Squadron
630th Electronic Systems Squadron
631st Electronic Systems Squadron
633d Air Mobility Support Squadron
633d Civil Engineer Squadron
633d Communications Squadron
633d Comptroller Squadron
633d Contracting Squadron
633d Force Support Squadron
633d Logistics Readiness Squadron
633d Medical Support Squadron
633d Security Forces Squadron
635th Electronic Systems Squadron
635th Supply Chain Operations Group
635th Supply Chain Operations Wing
636th Electronic Systems Squadron
637th Electronic Systems Squadron
638th Electronic Systems Squadron
639th Electronic Systems Squadron
640th Electronic Systems Squadron
641st Electronic Systems Squadron
642d Electronic Systems Squadron
643d Electronic Systems Squadron
644th Combat Communications Squadron
644th Electronic Systems Squadron
647th Contracting Squadron
647th Security Forces Squadron
651st Air Expeditionary Group
651st Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
651st Munitions Squadron
653d Electronic Systems Wing
655th Air Expeditionary Squadron
655th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
659th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
671st Armament Systems Squadron
672d Armament Systems Squadron
673d Aerospace Medicine Squadron
673d Air Base Wing
673d Civil Engineer Group
673d Civil Engineer Squadron
673d Communications Squadron
673d Comptroller Squadron
673d Contracting Squadron
673d Force Support Squadron
673d Logistics Readiness Group
673d Logistics Readiness Squadron
673d Medical Group
673d Medical Support Squadron
673d Mission Support Group
673d Security Forces Squadron
675th Armament Systems Squadron
676th Armament Systems Squadron
677th Armament Systems Squadron
680th Armament Systems Squadron
681st Armament Systems Squadron
682d Armament Systems Squadron
683d Armament Systems Squadron
684th Armament Systems Squadron
685th Armament Systems Squadron
686th Armament Systems Squadron
687th Armament Systems Squadron
688th Cyberspace Wing
688th Information Operations Wing
689th Armament Systems Squadron
689th Combat Communications Wing
690th Alteration and Installation Squadron
690th Armament Systems Squadron
690th Information Operations Squadron
691st Armament Systems Squadron
691st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
692d Armament Systems Squadron
693d Armament Systems Squadron
693d Intelligence Support Squadron
693d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
694th Armament Systems Squadron
694th Intelligence Group
694th Intelligence Support Squadron
695th Armament Systems Group
696th Armament Systems Squadron

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