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501st Combat Support Wing
502d Air Base Wing
502d Air Operations Group
502d Air Operations Squadron
502d Civil Engineer Squadron
502d Communications Squadron
502d Comptroller Squadron
502d Contracting Squadron
502d Force Support Group
502d Installation Support Group
502d Logistics Readiness Squadron
502d Mission Support Group
502d Operations Support Squadron
502d Security Forces and Logistics Support Group
502d Security Forces Squadron
504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group
505th Communications Squadron
505th Exercise Control Squadron
505th Operations Squadron
505th Test and Evaluation Group
506th Air Expeditionary Group
507th Air Refueling Wing
507th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
507th Communications Flight
507th Maintenance Group
507th Mission Support Group
507th Operations Group
507th Security Forces Squadron
508th Aircraft Sustainment Wing
509th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
509th Comptroller Squadron
509th Contracting Squadron
509th Force Support Squadron
509th ICBM Systems Squadron
509th Logistics Readiness Squadron
509th Medical Operations Squadron
509th Medical Support Squadron
509th Munitions Squadron
509th Weapons Squadron
510th Fighter Squadron
512th Maintenance Operations Flight
512th Maintenance Squadron
512th Memorial Affairs Squadron
512th Operations Support Flight
514th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
514th Aeromedical Staging Squadron
514th Air Mobility Wing
514th Flight Test Squadron
514th Logistics Readiness Squadron
514th Logistics Support Squadron
514th Maintenance Group
514th Mission Support Group
514th Mission Support Squadron
514th Operations Group
514th Operations Support Squadron
515th Air Mobility Operations Group
515th Air Mobility Operations Wing
516th Aeronautical Systems Wing
517th Airlift Squadron
517th Training Group
519th Combat Sustainment Squadron
521st Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron
521st Air Mobility Operations Group
521st Air Mobility Operations Wing
522d Special Operations Squadron
524th Special Operations Squadron
525th Fighter Squadron
526th ICBM Systems Wing
526th Intelligence Squadron
527th Space Aggressor Squadron
532d Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron
532d Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
532d Training Squadron
533d Training Squadron
535th Airlift Squadron
542d Combat Sustainment Group
542d Combat Sustainment Wing
543d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
543d Support Squadron
544th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissaince Group
548th Intelligence Group
548th Operations Support Squadron
549th Combat Training Squadron
551st Electronic Systems Wing
552d Air Control Wing
552d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
552d Maintenance Squadron
552nd Maintenance Operations Squadron
554th Electronic Systems Wing
555th Fighter Squadron
555th International Group
555th International Logistics Squadron
555th International Materiel Squadron
555th International Support Squadron
556th Red Horse Squadron
557th Aircraft Sustainment Squadron
557th Combat Sustainment Squadron
557th Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron
558th Combat Sustainment Squadron
559th Combat Sustainment Squadron
559th Medical Group
560th Air Force Band
560th Red Horse Squadron
561st Air Force Band
563d Maintenance Squadron
563d Operations Support Squadron
566th Air Force Band
566th Operations Support Squadron
567th Red Horse Squadron
568th Security Forces Flight
569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron
570th Contingency Response Group
570th Global Mobility Readiness Squadron
570th Global Mobility Squadron
571st Contingency Response Group
571st Global Mobility Readiness Squadron
571st Global Mobility Squadron
571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron
572d Commodities Maintenance Squadron
572d Contingency Response Group
572d Global Mobility Readiness Squadron
572d Global Mobility Squadron
573d Global Support Squadron
577th Expeditionary Prime Base Emergency Engineer Force Squadron
577th Expeditionary Prime Beef Group
577th Software Maintenance Squadron
578th Software Maintenance Squadron
579th Dental Squadron
579th Software Maintenance Squadron
580th Software Maintenance Squadron
581st Software Maintenance Squadron
586th Air Expeditionary Group
591st Supply Chain Management Group
592d Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
595th Operations Suppport Squadron
595th Space Group

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