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300th Airlift Squadron
301st Fighter Squadron
301st Fighter Wing
301st Force Support Squadron
301st Rescue Squadron
302d Fighter Squadron
302d Security Forces Squadron
303d Fighter Squadron
303d Intelligence Squadron
305th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
305th Communications Squadron
305th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
305th Logistics Support Squadron
305th Medical Operations Squadron
306th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
306th Flying Training Group
306th Intelligence Squadron
306th Operations Support Squadron
306th Rescue Squadron
308th Armament Systems Group
308th Armament Systems Wing
308th Rescue Squadron
309th Aerospace Maintenance & Regeneration Group
309th Airlift Squadron
309th Maintenance Wing
310th Communications Flight
310th Operations Support Flight
310th Security Forces Squadron
311th Airlift Squadron
311th Medical Squadron
312th Aeronautical Systems Wing
313th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron
314th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron
314th Air Refueling Squadron
314th Comptroller Squadron
314th Contracting Squadron
314th Medical Operations Squadron
314th Medical Support Squadron
314th Mission Support Squadron
314th Services Squadron
314th Training Squadron
315th Airlift Control Flight
315th Mission Support Squadron
315th Operations Group
315th Operations Support Flight
315th Weapons Squadron
316th Force Support Squadron
316th Operations Support Squadron
316th Training Squadron
316th Wing
317th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
317th Airlift Group
317th Airlift Squadron
317th Maintenance Operations Squadron
318th Cyberspace Operations Group
318th Information Operations Group
318th Operations Support Squadron
318th Special Operations Squadron
319th Logistics Readiness Squadron
319th Operations Group
319th Security Forces Squadron
319th Services Squadron
319th Special Operations Squadron
320th Air Expeditionary Wing
321st Air Expeditionary Wing
324th Training Squadron
325th Communications Squadron
325th Contracting Squadron
325th Logistics Support Squadron
325th Maintenance Operations Squadron
325th Services Squadron
325th Training Squadron
325th Training Support Squadron
325th Weapons Squadron
326th Airlift Squadron
326th Training Squadron
327th Aircraft Sustainment Wing
328th Airlift Squadron
328th Armament Systems Group
328th Armament Systems Wing
328th Weapons Squadron
329th Armament Systems Group
330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing
331st Training Squadron
332d Air Expeditionary Wing
332d Expeditionary Aerospace Medicine Squadron
332d Expeditionary Communications Squadron
332d Expeditionary Maintenance Group
332d Expeditionary Medical Group
332d Expeditionary Mission Support Group
332d Expeditionary Operations Group
332d Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron
332d Expeditionary Security Forces Group
332d Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
336th Training Group
337th Airlift Squadron
338th Training Squadron
339th Flight Test Squadron
340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron
340th Weapons Squadron
341st Logistics Readiness Squadron
341st Medical Operations Squadron
341st Medical Support Squadron
341st Mission Support Squadron
341st Munitions Squadron
341st Security Forces Squadron
341st Security Support Squadron
341st Services Squadron
342d Training Squadron
343d Reconnaissance Squadron
345th Airlift Squadron
346th Test Squadron
347th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron
347th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
347th Contracting Squadron
347th Logistics Readiness Squadron
347th Rescue Group
348th Reconnaissance Squadron
349th Air Mobility Operations Flight
349th Air Mobility Operations Squadron
349th Medical Squadron
349th Memorial Affairs Squadron
349th Mission Support Squadron
349th Security Forces Squadron
350th Electronic Systems Wing
351st Air Refueling Squadron
352d Information Operations Squadron
352d Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
352d Special Operations Support Squadron
353d Special Operations Group
353d Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
353d Special Operations Support Squadron
354th Comptroller Squadron
354th Contracting Squadron
354th Logistics Readiness Squadron
354th Logistics Support Squadron
354th Medical Operations Squadron
354th Medical Support Squadron
354th Operations Support Squadron
355th Mission Support Squadron
357th Airlift Squadron
357th Fighter Squadron
358th Fighter Squadron
359th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
359th Medical Support Squadron
359th Training Squadron
360th Training Squadron
361st Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron
361st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
363d Flying Training Group
366th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron
366th Civil Engineer Squadron
366th Surgical Operations Squadron
368th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group
370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron
370th Expeditionary Training Squadron
371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron
373d Intelligence Group
373d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
373d Support Squadron
374th Civil Engineer Squadron
374th Contracting Squadron
374th Dental Squadron
374th Medical Support Squadron
374th Surgical Operations Squadron
375th Communications Group
375th Communications Support Squadron
375th Dental Squadron
375th Logistics Readiness Squadron
376th Air Expeditionary Wing (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
376th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
376th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron
376th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron
376th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron
376th Expeditionary Maintenance Group
376th Expeditionary Medical Group
376th Expeditionary Mission Support Group
376th Expeditionary Operations Group
377th Comptroller Squadron
377th Contracting Squadron
377th Dental Squadron
377th Medical Operations Squadron
377th Security Support Squadron
379th Air Expeditionary Wing
379th Expeditionary Comptroller Squadron
379th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron
379th Expeditionary Maintenance Group
379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron
379th Expeditionary Medical Group
379th Expeditionary Mission Support Group
379th Expeditionary Operations Group
379th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron
379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
380th Air Expeditionary Wing
380th Expeditionary Contracting Squadron
380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
380th Space Control Squadron
381st Intelligence Squadron
381st Training Squadron
381st Training Support Squadron
385th Air Expeditionary Group
386th Air Expeditionary Wing
386th Expeditionary Maintenance Group
386th Expeditionary Medical Group
386th Expeditionary Mission Support Group
386th Expeditionary Operations Group
386th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron
387th Air Expeditionary Group
387th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
387th Expeditionary Support Squadron
388th Electronic Combat Squadron
388th Fighter Wing
388th Operations Group
388th Range Squadron
392d Intelligence Squadron
393d Bomb Squadron

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