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76th Airlift Squadron
76th Fighter Squadron
77th Aeronautical Systems Wing
77th Weapons Squadron
78th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
78th Air Refueling Squadron
78th Communications Squadron
78th Comptroller Squadron
78th Reconnaissance Squadron
79th Medical Wing
81st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
81st Fighter Squadron
81st Medical Operations Squadron
81st Medical Support Squadron
82d Aerial Port Squadron
82d Aerospace Medicine Squadron
82d Comptroller Squadron
82d Computer Systems Squadron
82d Dental Squadron
82d Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron
82d Medical Group
82d Medical Operations Squadron
82d Medical Support Squadron
82d Mission Support Group
82d Training Group
82d Training Wing
83d Communications Squadron
83d Expeditionary Rescue Squadron
84th Combat Sustainment Wing
84th Flying Training Squadron
84th Test and Evaluation Squadron
85th Group
85th Maintenance Squadron
85th Security Forces Squadron
86th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
86th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
86th Air Mobility Squadron
86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
86th Airlift Wing
86th Communications Squadron
86th Comptroller Squadron
86th Dental Squadron
86th Maintenance Group
86th Maintenance Operations Squadron
86th Maintenance Squadron
86th Medical Operations Squadron
86th Medical Support Squadron
86th Munitions Squadron
86th Operations Group
86th Operations Support Squadron
86th Security Forces Squadron
86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron
87th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
87th Airbase Wing
87th Civil Engineer Squadron
87th Communications Squadron
87th Contracting Squadron
87th Dental Squadron
87th Flying Training Squadron
87th Force Support Squadron
87th Logistics Readiness Squadron
87th Medical Operations Squadron
87th Medical Support Squadron
87th Security Forces Squadron
88th Air Base Wing
88th Communications Group
88th Comptroller Squadron
88th Contracting Squadron
88th Inpatient Operations Squadron
88th Medical Group
88th Medical Operations Squadron
88th Mission Support Group
88th Mission Support Squadron
88th Operations Support Squadron
88th Surgical Operations Squadron
89th Aerial Port Squadron
89th Airlift Wing
89th Communications Squadron
89th Comptroller Squadron
89th Contracting Squadron
90th Fighter Squadron
90th Information Operations Squadron
90th Operations Support Squadron
90th Security Support Squadron
91st Air Refueling Squadron
91st Maintenance Squadron
91st Security Support Squadron
92d Aeromedical-Dental Squadron (REDESIGNATED)
92d Aerospace Medicine Squadron
92d Civil Engineer Squadron
92d Comptroller Squadron
92d Information Operations Squadron
92d Logistics Readiness Squadron
92d Maintenance Operations Squadron
92d Medical Support Squadron
92d Security Forces Squadron
92nd Force Support Squadron
93d Air Ground Operations Wing
93d Air Refueling Squadron
93d Bomb Squadron
93d Fighter Squadron
93d Operations Support Squadron
94th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
94th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
94th Airlift Wing
94th Combat Communications Flight
94th Communications Flight
94th Logistics Readiness Squadron
94th Maintenance Operations Flight
94th Maintenance Squadron
95th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
95th Airlift Squadron
95th Communications Squadron
95th Contracting Squadron
95th Dental Squadron
95th Medical Operations Squadron
95th Medical Support Squadron
96th Air Refueling Squadron
96th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
96th Airlift Squadron
96th Bomb Squadron
96th Civil Engineer Group
96th Civil Engineer Squadron
96th Communications Squadron
96th Contracting Squadron
96th Dental Squadron
96th Ground Combat Training Squadron
96th Inpatient Operations Squadron
96th Logistics Readiness Squadron
96th Maintenance Group
96th Maintenance Operations Squadron
96th Maintenance Squadron
96th Medical Group
96th Medical Operations Squadron
96th Medical Support Squadron
96th Mission Support Group
96th Operations Group
96th Operations Support Squadron
96th Range Control Squadron
96th Range Group
96th Security Forces Squadron
96th Surgical Operations Squadron
96th Test Group
96th Test Support Squadron
96th Test Wing
96th Weather Flight
97th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron
97th Comptroller Squadron
97th Contracting Squadron
97th Intelligence Squadron
97th Logistics Readiness Squadron
97th Maintenance Squadron
97th Medical Support Squadron
97th Security Forces Squadron
97th Services Squadron
98th Air Base Group
98th Operations Group
98th Operations Support Squadron
98th Range Squadron
98th Range Wing
99th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
99th Air Refueling Squadron
99th Airlift Squadron
99th Civil Engineer Squadron
99th Communications Squadron
99th Ground Combat Training Squadron
99th Inpatient Operations Squadron
99th Logistics Readiness Squadron
99th Medical Operations Squadron
99th Medical Support Squadron
99th Mission Support Squadron
99th Security Forces Squadron
99th Services Squadron
99th Surgical Operations Squadron

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