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Acquisition Corps
Acquisition Support Center
Admin Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
Advanced Weapons Support Command
AFCENT Reserve Corps (Forward)
Africa-Middle East Theater
Airborne Command
Alaska Communications System
Alaska Support Command
Allied Forces Headquarters
American Expeditionary Forces, Siberia
Antiaircraft Artillery Command, Eastern Defense Command
Antiaircraft Artillery Command, Southern Defense Command
Antiaircraft Artillery Command, Western Defense Command
Antiaircraft Command
Area Confinement Facility Mannheim
Army Air Forces
Army Community of Excellence
Army Corrections Command
Army Emergency Relief
Army Environmental Policy Institute
Army Historic Properties
Army Materiel Command
Army National Guard
Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force
Army National Guard Training Center Garrison Command
Army Reserve Careers Division
Army Reserve Command
Army Reserve Medical Command
Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
Army Reserve Sustainment Command
Army Review Boards Agency
Army Service Force Training Centers
Army Special Operations Battle Lab
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition, Logistics & Technology
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Finance
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations, Energy and Environment
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Research
Asymmetric Warfare Group
Atlantic Base Commands
Aviation Systems Command
Berlin Command
Bermuda Base Command
Capital Military Assistance Command
Chesapeake Bay Frontier Defense Sector
China-Burma-India Theater
Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Cmd
Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army
Civilian Personnel Operations Center
Combat Developments Command
Combat Developments Experimentation Command
Combat Support Training Center, United States Army Europe
Combined Field Army (ROK-US)
Communications Zone Personnel European Theater of Operations
Communications-Electronic Command
Continental Army Command
Corps of Engineers
Correctional Facility
Court of Criminal Appeals
Criminal Investigation Command
Cyber Center of Excellence
Cyber Protection Brigade
Defense Contracting Command, Washington
Department of the Army Police
Department of the Army Staff Support
Depot System Command
Developmental Test Command
Eastern Defense Command
Engineer Command, Europe
Engineer Command, Vietnam
Engineer Field Support Activities
European Civil Affairs Division
Evaluation Center
Executive Driector for Conventional Ammunition
Expeditionary Contracting Command
Fires Center of Excellence
First Corps Area Service Command
Foreign Intelligence Command
Fort McCoy
General Counsel of Army
General Headquarters
Greenland Base Command
Hawaiian Seperate Coast Artillery Brigade
Headquarters Company, US Army
Headquarters Joint Readiness Training Center & Joint Readiness Training Center Operations Group
Hydrographic/Topographic Center, Defense Mapping Agency
Individual Ready Reserve
Industrial Operations Command
Information Systems Engineering Command
Installation Management Command
Intelligence Agency
Intelligence and Security Command
Intelligence Command
Joint Forces Command (USA Element)
Joint Munitions Command
Kagnew Station-East Africa
Korean Communications Zone
Legal Services Agency
Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, Georgia
Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, Fort Leonard Wood
Manhattan District, Army Service Force
Marianas Bonins Command
Military District of Washington
Military Intelligence Readiness Command
Military Police Brigade, Hawaii
Military Railway Service
Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
Mission and Installation Contracting Command
Mobilization AVCRAD Control Element
National Guard Civil Support Teams (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
National Guard Operations Spt Airlift Command
National Guard Professional Education Center
National Training Center
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
Network Enterprise Technology Command
North African Theater of Operations
Northwest Service Command
Pacific Coastal Frontier
Panama Canal Department
Panama Canal Division
Persian Gulf Service Command
Personnel Assigned to DOD and Joint Activities
Philippine Battalion
Philippine Combat Headquarters
Philippine Command
Ports of Embarkation
Recruiting Command
Regional HQ Allied Forces North Europe
ROTC Cadet Command
Ryukyu Islands
Safeguard Command
Simulation, Training & Instrumentation Command
Soldier and Biological Chemical Command
Soldiers Media Center
Southeast Asia Command
Southern Coastal Frontier
Southern Defense Command
Space and Missile Defense Command
Space Command
Special Ammunition Support Command
Special Category Army With Air Force (SCARWAF)
Specialized Training Division
Specialized Training Division Reserve
Strategic Command (USA Element)
Strategic Defense Command
Support Battalion, 5th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division
Sustainment Center of Excellence, Fort Lee, Virginia
Tactical Command, United States Forces in Austria
Tank Destroyer Forces
Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command
Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Activity
Trainer Personnel
Training and Doctrine Command
Training Center Fort Dix
Training Support Bn, Soldier Support Institute
Trieste United States Troops
Troop Support Agency
Troop Support Command
Tuslog Detachment Four
United Nations Command Security Battalion - Joint Security Area
United States Flag
US Africa Command (USA Element)
US Disciplinary Barracks
US Marine Corps Former Wartime Service Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
US Military Mission to Moscow, USSR
US Northern Command
US Pacific Command
US Southern Command
US Space Command
US Transportation Command
US Transportation Command (USA Element)
USA Air Defense Command
USA Air Traffic Services Command
USA Band
USA Berlin Brigade
USA Broadcasting System
USA Chemical Materials Activity
USA Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee
USA Community and Family Support Center
USA Contracting Command
USA Cyber Command
USA European Command (USA Element)
USA Facility Engineer Group
USA Field Band
USA Field Station Berlin
USA Field Support Center
USA Financial Management Command
USA Force Management Support Agency
USA Forces Command
USA Forces, Korea
USA Forces, South Atlantic
USA Garrison Hawaii
USA General Equipment Test Activity
USA Ground Forces Replacement Depots
USA Heritage and Education Center
USA Human Resource Management
USA Human Resources Command
USA Intelligence Command
USA Marksmanship Unit
USA Military History Institute
USA Military Police Command, Panama
USA Missile Command
USA Mission
USA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
USA Northern Warfare Training Center
USA Operational Group
USA Operational Test Command
USA Ordnance Missile Command
USA Pacific Air Command
USA Parachute Team
USA Postal Group Europe
USA Research Laboratory
USA Research, Development and Engineering Command
USA Reserve Joint and Special Troops Support Command
USA Reserve Legal Command
USA Reserve Personnel Command
USA Retired
USA Security Assistance Command
USA Star Logo Patch
USA Support Thailand
USA Sustainment Command
USA Technical Escort Unit
USA Test and Evaluation Command
USA Training Center, Fort Jackson
USA Trial Defense Service
USAE Allied Force Northwest
USAE Allied Forces Southern
USAE Central Army Group
USAE Central Command
USAE Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan
USAE Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435
USAE Iceland Defense Force
USAE International Security Assistance Force Joint Command
USAE Military Entrance Processing Command
USAE Multi-National Corps-Iraq
USAE Multi-National Force-Iraq
USAE North American Aerospace Defense Command
USAE Selective Service System
USAE Special Operations Command North
USAE United States Forces - Afghanistan
USAE United States Forces Korea
USAE United States Southern Command
Veterans Administration, Military Personnel
Victory Task Force
Western Pacific, United States Army Forces
Zone Constabulary Forces of the European Theater

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