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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

On a gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height consisting of a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) border and a council shield navy blue partitioned by gold lines quarterly, in the first quarter a torch inflamed, in the second quarter the winged foot of Mercury, in the third quarter two devil masks back to back the left smiling, the right crying, in the fourth quarter a scroll open faced surmounted by a quill pen point to left bottom all gold, emerging from bottom scroll between and throughout a devil's pitchfork points to top scroll navy blue. On a navy blue scroll across the top, the inscription "HOLMES COUNTY," and on the bottom, a navy blue scroll inscribed "HIGH SCHOOL" all in base metal letters.'>

Gold and dark blue are the school colors. The torch is symbolic of enlightenment and the educated student. The winged foot signifies athletics and sports. The two devil masks, laughing and crying, symbolize drama and the school mascot. The open faced scroll with quill pen represents scholarship and education. The school mascot is the blue devil.

The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved on 26 March 2009.

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