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Distinctive Unit Insignia

A silver color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02cm) in width consisting of two dark blue wavy bars superimposed by a quill pen superimposed by two diagonally crossed quill pens all red and silver, overall at base a yellow fleur-de-lis and all enclosed at top and sides by a dark blue and silver tripartite scroll doubled and inscribed "SERVICE READINESS EXCELLENCE" in silver.

Dark blue and scarlet are the colors traditionally used by Personnel units. The two wavy bars denote the unit's campaigns in Europe and Rhineland. The quills symbolize their mission and administrative operations: personnel, postal and replacement services. The fleur-de-lis signifies the unit's war service in France, Normandy and Ardennes-Alsace.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 29 Feb 2000.

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