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Distinctive Unit Insignia

A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02cm) in height overall consisting of an oriental blue conical shape with apex at base bearing a white radiant sun behind a white snowcapped black mountain peak, overall a gold palm tree eradicated, surmounted by a scarlet and blue Taeguk, and in base a gold Siamese headdress all between two gold bamboo trees with shoots arched, all enclosed at the top with a gold scroll inscribed "SCIENTIA POTENTIA EST" (Knowledge Is Strength) in scarlet letters.

The background is oriental blue the color used by Army Intelligence units. Service in Korea is indicated by the red and blue Taeguk of the Republic of Korea and service in Taiwan is indicated by the white sun which appears upon the Republic of China flag. The unit's long service in Japan is commemorated by the silhouette of Mount Fuji. The palm tree is for service in the Philippines. The bamboo trees allude to service in the Republic of Vietnam, the Siamese headdress to service in Thailand.

The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 500th Military Intelligence Group on 15 July 1970. It was redesignated for the 500th Military Intelligence Brigade effective 16 October 1987. The insignia was redesignated effective 16 October 1997, with the description updated, for the 500th Military Intelligence Group.

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