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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

On a blue disc 2 1/4 inches (5.72cm) in diameter 2 white squares, 1 set upon the other, the upper at a 45 degree angle and marked with 5 red dots, the lower square marked with 6 red dots.

The color scheme is that of our National Colors. The total number of dots shown on the dice is 11 and represents the XI U. S. Army Corps. These dice represent the natural gamble taken by all combatants in warfare. The number "11" is the so-called natural winning combination in the game of dice and symbolizes both the natural gamble taken by the XI U.S. Army Corps and the natural winning team it will become.

The shoulder sleeve insignia was originally authorized on 3 Sep 1942 for the XI Corps. On 24 Feb 1958 the insignia was redesignated for the XI U. S. Army Corps. A distinctive unit insignia was not approved for the XI U. S. Army Corps. (TIOH Drawing Number A-1-67)

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