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The dark, blue disc encircled by a white band with narrow yellow borders inscribed "United States" at top and "Space Command" at bottom in dark blue letters, provides the background and symbolizes the space environment. The eagle and shield, a traditional symbol of American strength and vigilance, is positioned above a light blue elliptical globe with light land masses and dark blue grid lines to represent the expansion of this strength and vigilance into space. The globe, as viewed from space, symbolizes the earth as being the origin and control point for all space vehicles and represents the area of operations of the United States Space Command. Encompassing the elliptical globe are two yellow orbital paths crossed diagonally, each bearing a yellow polestar detailed light tan and signifying the worldwide coverage provided in accomplishing the surveillance, navigation and communications missions. The gold brown eagle, detailed in dark brown and highlighted in light tan, with a white head and tail; and yellow beak, eyes and talons detailed in light tan, is grasping in his right talon a green olive branch, detailed in dark green, and in his left talon 13 arrows with white arrowheads and feathers, and light tan shafts. The eagle is flanked by an arc of four yellow stars detailed in light tan, and symbolizing the fusion of the four armed services into a unified command.

The emblem was approved on 15 Aug 1985.

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