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On a white disc a globe quartered yellow and medium blue outlined and gridlined white bearing black silhouettes of a soldier between a mother and child and a business enclosed by two curved green laurel sprigs below an at top a tripartite scroll doubled and inscribed "FAMILIES SOLDIERS CIVILIANS" in black; all encircle by a white band edged gold inscribed "HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT" at top and "UNITED STATES ARMY" at bottom in black.

The gold banner inscribed with Soldiers, Families and Civilians, denotes the three interconnected components of the Army team the Human Resource Manager serves. The gold and blue globe represents the strategic worldwide mission of the Human Resource Managers and is divided into four equally important quadrants representing their principal roles: strategic partners, functional expert, change agent and service member champion. Gold symbolizes achievement, dignity and honor. Blue is symbolic of loyalty, vigilance, perseverance and truth. This distinctive emblem is encased in a gold ring symbolizing the continuous and ever changing mission of Human Resource Managers to affect organizational culture, health and direction. The branches of laurel further denote the role of service member champion as Human Resource Managers strive to promote soldiers, families and civilians as our most vital resource.

The emblem was approved on 21 Sep 1999.

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