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Distinctive Unit Insignia

A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86cm) in width overall consisting of a gold wreath encircling a dark blue disc bearing a stylized white caltrop superimposed by a gold disc voided in the shape of a stylized triangle one point down, both fimbriated dark blue and enclosing a gold triangle bearing a green disc gridlined gold, three conjoined stylized gearwheels, and a black bomb enflamed red; superimposed in base a gold scroll inscribed "FORGING A STRONG DEFENSE" in black.

The three points of the stylized caltrop symbolize resolve, spirit, and professionalism. The gold disc voided by a triangle represents unity. White is for integrity; gold denotes achievement. The bomb highlights the ordnance mission, the gears are for industrial operations, and the globe represents the scope of the missions. The triangle, for stability and strength, simulates ammunition storage. Cobalt blue is the primary color associated with chemical functions. The wreath is for achievement and honor.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 3 Oct 1994.

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