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Centered on a scarlet disc a silver sword with point up and standing upon the handguard a gold eagle, his body facing right and his head turned to the left, hold in his beak a gold scroll floating above his head and inscribed on three folds with the words JUSTICE EQUITY COMPASSION in black letters; above the scroll mounted upon the sword blade just below the point, the crossbeam of a black balance with the pans suspended at either side of the eagle and scroll, all within a gold border inscribed with the words ARMY REVIEW BOARDS AGENCY and two stars in base all in black.

Red is the background color of the flag of the Secretary of the Army, under whose auspices the Army Review Boards Agency operates. The eagle standing on the hilt of an upright sword, symbolic of military authority, and below a balance refers to the mission of the agency. The motto alludes to the process of review and ideals of the agency.

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