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On a white disc bordured gold a terrestrial globe edged blue with oceans and land masses in shades of light blue; thereon a shield derived from the Great Seal of the United States charged with a bald eagle in chief holding in its claws a lightning flash all in proper colors with a gold motto scroll doubled green over the shield inscribed "VISION AND SUSTAINMENT" in blue letters. On the white border enclosing the globe the designation "ARMY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY INSTITUTE" in blue letters with sprigs of laurel in proper colors in base.

White, blue and gold represent the mission of maintaining a healthy environment, represented by the terrestrial globe. The shield and eagle symbolize the United States and the Army's commitment to this end. The lightning flash signifies the elements of the environment and speedy response to changing conditions and Army requirements. The laurel sprig denotes growth and health. White indicates integrity.

The Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations and Environment approved the emblem in August 2003.

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