USS Stockdale (DDG 106)
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Coat of Arms



Azure, upon a demi-trident issuing from base Argent the head of a bald eagle erased Proper; a bordure Gules fimbriated within of the second.


On a wreath Argent and Azure (Dark Blue) a laurel wreath Proper enclosing at top three mullets Azure, thereon a representation of the aviator wings emblem Or surmounted by an Aegis system octagon Celeste charged with thirteen mullets of the first.


The coat of arms as described above on a white field enclosed within a dark blue collar radiused top and bottom and edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed at top "USS STOCKDALE" and in base "DDG 106" in gold letters.



The eagle, symbol of vigilance and courage, represents the Vice Admiral's exemplary resistance to his captors' brutality and pressure to use him and his fellow captives as propaganda tools. The eagle refers also to Stockdale's award of aviator wings represented in the crest and his distinction as pilot and instructor. Dark blue represents the U.S. Navy; the white of the eagle's head denotes integrity and idealism. The demi ? trident refers to leadership and the Vice Admiral's commitment to uphold in captivity the Navy standards of conduct. The silver and scarlet bordure represents the cohesion of Navy personnel under stress and their tradition of sacrifice and courage.


Vice Admiral Stockdale's distinction as the only three or four star officer in Navy history to wear both aviator wings and the Congressional Medal of Honor is signified by the wings, the three stars above and the Celeste blue octagon which recalls both the Medal of Honor and the Aegis-class capabilities of the DDG 106. The many combat decorations awarded the Vice Admiral during his distinguished career are also recalled by the three stars at top. The laurel wreath traditionally conveys honor and achievement.


Saltirewise behind the shield a cutlass and a naval officer's sword points down Proper, representing the personnel of the DDG 106, both crew and officers.


On a dark blue scroll doubled gold garnished dark blue the motto "RETURN WITH HONOR" inscribed in gold letters.

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