USS Sterett (DDG 104)
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Coat of Arms



Celeste (Yale Blue) a demi-trident issuing from base Or, above each tine a mullet of the like, the shaft surmounted in base by a mullet Gules; on a chief wavy of the last edged of the second, a Naval officer's sword point down and an antique telescope saltirewise Proper, all within a bordure Azure (Dark Blue).


On a wreath Or and Celeste an eighteenth century frigate in silhouette Sable, surmounded overall by an annulet of twenty ?one mullets of the first.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a White oval enclosed within a Dark Blue collar edged on the outside with Gold chain and inscribed at top "USS STERETT" and in base "DDG 104" all in Gold letters.



Celeste represents worldwide mission capabilities of the new DDG-104, Gold and Dark Blue symbolize U.S. Navy traditions. Scarlet denotes courage and the sacrifices made in battle by the three previous ships to bear the name Sterett since the founding of the nation. The Scarlet mullet in base recalls the first incident in which a U.S. Navy vessel, DLG-31, shot down and destroyed a Russian built MIG 17 airplane with a Terrier missile during the Battle of Dong Hoi in Vietnam. The mullets on top of the demi-trident represent the three previous ships named STERETT (Destroyer No.27, DD-407 and DLG/CG-31); the trident signifies expertise and mastery at sea. The sword and spy-glass are derived from the insignia of DLG/CG-31; the sword recalls that awarded to Andrew Sterett by Congress for the capture of a Tripolitan cruiser in 1801, while he commanded the USS Enterprise during the Barbary Wars, the telescope eye-glass symbolizes his outstanding service in the early days of the U.S. Navy. The bordure signifies unity and resolve.


The frigate recalls the first ? ever U.S. victory against a foreign Navy, in which Sterett participated as Third Lieutenant of the USF Constellation in the capture of the French frigate L'lnsurgente in 1799. The annulet of stars represents the combined battle stars awarded to Steretts DD-407 and DLG-31 for World War ll and Vietnam service.


"Forever Dauntless "(Recalls the "Dauntless" motto of DLG-31, later redesignated CG-31). The motto appears in Gold letters on a Dark Blue scroll doubled Gold with Dark Blue garnishing.

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