USS Raven (MHC 61)
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Coat of Arms



Purpure, a stylized horned mine Or, overall a raven close reguardant to dexter upon a Naval Officer's sword and cutlass saltirewise points up Proper.


From a wreath Or and Purpure, a demi-sun in splendor superimposed by a stockless anchor Sable bearing on the shaft an ancient spearhead Proper, overall an arc of three mullets Azure.


A scroll Or doubled and inscribed "HERE AM I, SEND ME" Azure.


The coat of arms in full color as in the blazon, all on a white background and enclosed within a dark blue oval border edged on the outside with a gold rope and bearing the inscription "USS RAVEN" at top and "MHC 61" in base all gold.



Purpure refers to the use of that color in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. The stylized mine highlights the USS Raven's mine warfare mission, past and present. The crossed swords emphasize teamwork and reflect total readiness. The ship's namesake, the Raven, is known for its extraordinary intelligence and strength; it underscores the ship's commitment and mission.


The sunburst highlights the native American myth that tells how the raven found the sun and was burnt so badly his plumage turned shiny and black. The stockless anchor was used by the previous USS Raven; it also symbolizes the present USS Raven'' presence wherever needed. The second USS Raven participated in the sweep of Utah Beach and the channels to the Normandy beachheads; the spearhead alludes to the assault landings on these beaches. She swept twenty-one German and Italian mines and earned three battle stars for World War II service, commemorated by the blue stars.

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