USNS Robert E. Peary (T-AKE 5)
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Coat of Arms



Quarterly Azure (Dark Blue) and Gris, between a fouled anchor in dexter chief and to sinister base a plumb weight Or a polestar at fess point Argent; a bordure Celeste.


On a wreath Or and Azure (Dark Blue), upon a demi-disc Or a representation in silhouette of a sled and driver pulled by a dog Azure; overall a bronze demi-trident Proper, the tip of its center tine surmounting a mullet of the third.


The arms as blazoned above on a white field within a dark blue collar edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed at top "USNS ROBERT E. PEARY" and in base "T-AKE 5" in gold letters.



Dark blue and gold represent the Navy; grey (Gris) symbolizes the harrowing conditions encountered in an expedition to the Northern wastelands around the pole. The North Pole, goal of the Peary expedition, is represented by the Pole Star. Celeste blue symbolizes the oceans beneath the ice crossed by the explorers. The gold plumb denotes the determination of ocean depths to indicate proximity to the North Pole as the expedition approached it. The anchor represents the Navy and refers also to Peary's ship, the Roosevelt, which transported the group to the starting point of the journey over the ice. Argent (white) signifies high goals and aspirations, gold denotes excellence.


Peary's lead dog appears against a gold demi-disc which alludes to "land of the midnight sun". The single gold star represents the battle star won by an earlier "Peary" ship, DD-226, for World War II distinctive service. The three tines of the trident represent that ship and recall the two other vessels to bear the name.


"KING OF THE TEAM". The name of Robert E. Peary's favorite dog, the lead dog, was King. He also gave it the Inuit name "Nalegaksoah" which means "King of the Team". The polestar (North Star) was also known in antiquity as "the dog-tailed one".

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