LCS Classron (Littoral Combat Ship)
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Coat of Arms



Per fess Vert (Green) and Azure (Dark Blue) on a fess wavy Argent (Silver Gray) between two lightning flashes in chevron reversed Or (Old Gold) an anchor Argent fouled Proper.


On a wreath Or and Vert a representation of San Diego's Point Loma Lighthouse in silhouette Sable(Black) surmounted by a ship's wheel of the first garnished Sanguine (Maroon).


Behind the shield two spears points up saltirewise Or, their ends intertwining the motto scroll in base.


The arms as described above upon a white field enclosed within a dark blue collar edged on the outside with gold chain and inscribed at top "LCS CLASSRON" and in base "UNITED STATES NAVY" in gold letters.



The Littoral environment is represented by the color green, the white wavy fess emphasizing the mission of support for Littoral Combat Ships and their crews through comprehensive operational and administrative supervision. The color dark blue and the anchor symbolize the U.S. Navy and the organization's status as a shore based command. The lightning flashes denote speedy response to mission demands and the mobility and speed of Littoral Combat Ships.


The word "READY" in gold upon a dark blue scroll doubled gold garnished dark blue.


San Diego's Point Loma Lighthouse represents the organization's location in San Diego and its role as guide to Littoral Combat shipping. The wheel signifies direction, safety and distance support. Gold denotes excellence.


The gold spears represent readiness and support of combat ships.



The LCS CLASSRON has been redesignated the LCS SQUADRON ONE.

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