USCG Maritime Force Protection Unit - Bangor
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Distinctive Unit Insignia



Azure, a pale Argent surmounted by another Gules, a dexter gauntlet aversant bendwise of the second grasping an anchor bend sinisterwise Or, on either side two mullets palewise or the second.


From a wreath Argent and Azure a demi-griffin rampant Or charged on the shoulder with a shield blazoned as follows: "Argent, paly of six Gules, a chief Azure; within a bordure Or."


A scroll Azure, doubled and inscribed "BENEFICIUM MYSTICUM MARIS" (Secret Service of the Sea) Argent with the ends entwined around supporters.


On either side of the shield is a fasces Proper with axe blades facing outward.


The coat of arms blazoned in full color on a White disc enclosed by a Dark Blue border edged Silver inscribed with "USCG MARITIME FORCE PROTECTION" around the top and around the bottom "BANGOR" in White letters between two Silver bullets. All encircled by a Gold chain.



The gauntlet with the anchor represents providing fleet security to the U.S. Navy. The four stars are for the organization's four missions: Deterrence by presence; Protection by escort; Defense by force; and Terrorism Prevention through strategic partnerships. The pale or vertical bar symbolizes support and strength. Red is the color for valor and sacrifice.


The griffin rampant embodies a vigilant guardian and the fighting spirit. The shield on its shoulder is adapted from the Coast Guard Seal.


The fasces on each side represent the authority, escort protection and the deterrence by presence aspect of the Coast Guard Bangor's mission.


The chain represents security, strength and teamwork. Gold is emblematic of honor and high ideals.

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