USCG Joint Harbor Operations Center
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Distinctive Unit Insignia



On a field Silver Gray, a chief bearing a representation of Mount St. Helen Gris (Mid-Gray), overall a compass rose surmounting a trident and officer's sword points up saltirewise Or; a bordure Gris.




Behind the shield and supporting it upon its breast a stylized Totem-based eagle of Native ?American heritage, wings displayed Sable and garnished Gules, Argent and Azure, its tail intertwining a tri-partite motto scroll Or inscribed "COMMAND CONTROL COLLABORATION" in Sable letters, the whole device upon a Silver Gray disc rayed Gris, a wavy field in base Buff with wave crests Argent.


The device as blazoned above on the disc as described above all enclosed within a black designation band edged on the outside with silver rope and inscribed at top "JOINT HARBOR OPERATIONS CENTER" and in base "PUGET SOUND" in white letters, between two gold mullets.

Black denotes strength of purpose and represents the native Indian heritage of the Puget Sound region, signified again by the stylized eagle. The shield displays Mount St. Helen and the expanse of Puget Sound below. The compass rose, trident and sword represent the Center's readiness to pursue and complete its multiple mission requirements. The rays symbolize unit cohesion and future goals, the waves below again represent Puget Sound.

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