USCG District Seven
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Distinctive Unit Insignia



Argent, an anchor palewise Azure detailed Celeste; surmounted by a mullet of seven points Gules, bearing a mullet of the like Or, interlacing the anchor ring a riband of the fourth; all within a bordure wavy of the second.


From a wreath Argent and Azure on a sun in splendor an American bald eagle displayed grasping in dexter talons an olive branch and in sinister talons, thirteen arrows bearing on its breast the Coast Guard shield all Proper.


On a celeste disk edged white is the Coat of Arms as described above upon a trident and an oar saltirewise surmounting two palm fronds. The device as described is enclosed in a dark blue designation band bordered on the outside with a gold rope. inscribed at the top of the designation band is "U.S. "COAST GUARD" in gold letters and below is the inscription "SEVENTH DISTRICT" in gold letters between two red fimbriated gold number sevens.



The dark blue anchor refers to the United States Coast Guard. The core roles of the Coast Guard are to protect the public, the environment, and the U.S. economic and security interests in any maritime region in which those interests may be at risk. The red and gold seven pointed star represents excellence and the Seventh Coast Guard District that encompasses the Southern United States and the Caribbean basin. The red ribbon symbolizes courage. The wavy blue border represents America's coasts, ports, inland waterways and international waters.


The gold sun indicates optimism. The eagle adapted from the Great Seal represents the Seventh Coast Guard?s air stations and their mission of protect on illegal immigration interdiction and counter - drug operations.


The trident represents sea prowess and maritime security. The green palm fronds pertain to the tropics. The oar symbolizes search and rescue missions.

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