USCGC Nantucket (WPB 1316)
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Coat of Arms



Per fess wavy Or and Azure (Dark Blue) a sperm whale hauriant embowed Argent, armed of the like, langued Gules, grasping in its jaws a stylized trident, tines up, the handle in the form of the wards of a key, bendwise sinister Argent.


On a wreath Or and Azure (Dark Blue) a mount Vert with a stylized sunburst surmounted by two officers' swords points up saltirewise, overall a heraldic fountain Proper.


A scroll Azure edged and inscribed ?NUNQUAM CEDO" (WON'T BACK DOWN) Or.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed within a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USCGC NANTUCKET" above and "WPB 1316" below in gold letters.



Azure (Dark Blue) represents the sea and the Coast Guard mission. Gold signifies excellence; the wavy fess line indicates seafaring expertise. The whales refer to the town of Nantucket and it's famous whaling heritage. The stylized trident signifies authority at sea. Its handle in the form of the wards of a key alludes to security of U.S. shores from illegal activities and denotes Coast Guard responsibilities as key to the protection of American waters and interests. It is also a canting reference to Key West, the cutter's home port. Silver (White) and gold indicate respectively integrity and excellence.


The grassy mount symbolizes the "Faraway Island" derivation of the name Nantucket. It refers also to protection of the environment. The sunburst represents Florida and the ship's homeport, and a major region of mission activity against the traffic in drugs. The heraldic fountain represents coastal activity, environment protection and recalls Florida's traditional reputation as a mythological fountain of youth. The officer's swords signify readiness and the ability to combat decisively any threat encountered in U.S. waters against the security of the coastline.

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