USCGC Douglas Munro (WHEC 724)
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Coat of Arms



Celeste, on a pile Azure fimbriated Argent, a lion's head erased Or, langued and eye Gules above a mullet flory reversed Or (Old Gold), all between in dexter a mullet of the fifth, fimbriated of the fourth and in sinister a bomb Sable, enflamed Proper.


Issuant from a wreath Argent and Celeste, a demi-trident Gules surmounted by a sword Or and a lightning flash Or saltirewise.


A scroll Argent doubled Gules, inscribed ''HONORING THE PAST BY SERVING THE PRESENT'' Azure.


On either side of the shield a Western hemlock branch Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed within a dark blue border edged on the outer side with a gold rope and inscribed ''USCGC DOUGLAS MUNRO'' above and ''WHEC 724'' below in gold.



The medium blue of the shield represents the Pacific Ocean, the cutter's area of operations and Guadalcanal, the location of Petty Officer Munro's service, during WWII. The pile suggests the prow of the ship. The red star within the yellow star signifies the Marine Corps. The pile, bomb and star allude to Petty Officer Munro's heroic action of placing his Higgins Boat between enemy fire and the beachhead, where the remaining Marines, pinned down on the beach, waited to be evacuated. The lion's head highlights Petty Officer Munro's courage and his determination to complete the mission. The reversed star commemorates the Medal of Honor awarded to Petty Officer Munro for conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty.


The combined elements refer to CGC DOUGLAS MUNRO's multiple mission capability. The trident, a symbol of sea prowess, represents the cutter's mission of national defense. The sword denotes DOUGLAS MUNRO's readiness to promote the safety of life, property and enforce maritime law. The lightning flash highlights the ship's state of the art communications, enabling her effectiveness as a floating command center.


The Western hemlock pine branches, from the state tree of Washington, represent petty Officer Munro's home state.

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