USCGC Maple (WLB 207)
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Coat of Arms



Per fess arched enhanced Sable and Argent, in chief eight mullets in the configuration of the constellation Ursa Major and the North Star of the like, in base a maple leaf Azure fimbriated Gules bearing a compass rose Or.


From a wreath Argent and Sable a buoy issuing from the waves of the sea superimposed by an Orca naiant embowed Proper


A scroll Azure doubled Gules inscribed with "GIS'OOK DAAT WUSTAAX'I" (KEEPER OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS) Argent.


Two naval swords points down saltirewise Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USCGC MAPLE" above and "WLB 207" below in gold.



Blue, red and white are the colors traditionally associated with the U.S. Coast Guard. Gold is emblematic of honor and excellence. The North Star and Big Dipper are adapted from the Alaska State flag, homeport of the Maple. The arched configuration alludes to support and the globe's northerly range where Alaska is our northern most state. The maple leaf reflects the cutter's namesake. The compass rose symbolizes direction, guidance and the search and rescue mission.


The majestic and pristine waters of Southeast Alaska are teeming with wildlife especially the magnificent Orca. Orcas are known for their strength, intelligence and loyalty. The buoy represents the world class aids to navigation the USCGC MAPLE provides which includes support of the Marine Transportation system.


The crossed swords represent cooperation and the cutter's maritime law enforcement and environmental protection mission.

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