USCGC Ida Lewis (WLM551)
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Coat of Arms



On a lozenge Azure fimbriated Or a lantern Proper radiating nine rays to either side of the second, a bordure Celeste.


From a wreath Or and Azure, a life ring Argent garnished Gules surmounted by a bald eagle's head Proper holding in its beak a laurel branch fesswise Vert.


On either side of the lozenge a scroll Argent edged Gules and inscribed ?SEMPER' ? VIGILIANS' Azure. SUPPORTERS: Two oars blades up saltirewise Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed by a ark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USCGC IDA LEWIS" above and "WLM 551" below in gold.



Blue, white and red are the colors traditionally used by the U.S. Coast Guard; gold is emblematic of honor and excellence. Ida Lewis, the cutter's namesake, was the best known lighthouse keeper of her day. The lantern symbolizes Ida Lewis' heroic tending of the Lime Rock beacon in Newport harbor and the eighteen rays represent the number of lives she saved. The lantern with its radiating light also represents the cutter's search and rescue mission and the serving and tending of lighthouse and buoys. The light blue border highlights Lime Rock Lighthouse and the island upon which it is situated.


The eagle with the laurel is adapted from the U.S. Coast Guard Lifesaving Medal, which was awarded to Ida Lewis. She became the best known lighthouse keeper of her day. The eagle also emphasizes the new cutter's mission to enforce U.S. Maritime laws. The life ring symbolizes rescue and life saving underscores USCGC IDA LEWIS' humanitarian mission.


The crossed oars symbolize teamwork, strength and Ida Lewis' famous skill at the oars during her courageous rescues at Lime Rock Light.

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