USCGC Gentian (WIX 290)
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Coat of Arms



Per pale Gules and Argent three chevronelles Or debruised by a pale dovetail Azure bearing a torch Proper.


From a wreath Argent and Gules between two springs of Gentian Proper a sun in splendor charged with a stylized compass card and a polestar Sable.


On a scroll Argent edged Azure the motto "MANY FACES, ONE SHIP, UNITED BY THE SEA" Gules.


The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope inscribed "USCGC GENTIAN" above and "WIX 290" below in gold.



The three areas of the shield represent the consolidation of United States Coast Guard, Department Of Defense, and Department Of State as a team and their mission of the international engagement for training and maintenance of the Caribbean Navies and Coast Guards. The interlocking dovetail symbolizes the cooperation and interaction of these teams and programs. Red, blue and white are the colors used by the US Coast Guard and are also our national colors. The torch, a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment, emphasizes the cutter's primary mission as a training vessel. The chevrons are for support; the three together reflect working in concert to provide a total support package. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement.


The sun alludes to the tropical nature of the Gentian's area of operation in the Caribbean; it also symbolizes the cutter as a centralized supply source for that area. The compass rose and polestar symbolize navigation and underscores the cutter's mobility. The two flower sprigs are stylized Gentians; they are the most handsome of mountain wildflowers. There are two sprigs to denote the past and present primary mission of the cutter Gentian.

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