USCGC Chandeleur (WLB 1319)
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Distinctive Unit Insignia



Per bend Azure and Argent, on a bend Gules between in sinister-chief a fasces issuant Proper and in dexter-base a fleur-de-lis Or within a life ring, a naval sword, hilt to base Proper; all within a bordure of the second (Silver).


On a wreath Argent and Azure seven piles reversed radiating from base Or superimposed by two anchors saltirewise of the second, over-all a shark Proper issuant from a barrulet wavy Celeste.


A scroll Azure doubled and inscribed with "STRENGTH AND HONOR" Argent.


Around the bottom of the shield is a palm wreath Proper superimposed by two lightning bolts saltirewise Celeste.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white oval enclosed by a dark blue collar edged on the outside with a silver chain and inscribed with ?USCGC CHANDELEUR" above and "WPB 1319" below in white.



Blue, red and white are colors associated with the U.S. Coast Guard. The divisions of the shield reflect the Coast Guard stripes on the cutter's hull. The life ring represents the search and rescue mission. The fleur-de-lis alludes to the cutter's French namesake, Chandeleur. These Islands, south of Mississippi and Louisiana, were discovered and settled by the French in the early 1700s. The fasces, symbol of authority and strength, and sword refer to law enforcement, marine environment protection and national defense. The steel-like border stands for the mission of patrolling and protecting the shores of the Homeland.


The shark, awesome predator of speed and strength, is USCGC Chandeleur's call sign. The anchors are adapted from the Coast Guard Seal. The yellow rays and wavy blue bar highlight the cutter's tropical homeport of Miami. There are seven rays to signify the cutter being in Coast Guard District Seven.


The lightning bolts represent quick response and state of the art technology. The palm fronds bring to mind regions of USCGC Chandeleur's areas of operation, the Straights of Florida and the Great Bahaman Bank.


The chain encircling the seal symbolizes teamwork, cooperation and the chain of the Chandeleur Islands.

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