USCGC Campbell (WMEC 909)
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Coat of Arms



Azure, a ship's wheel with six handles Or charged with six lightning bolts radiating from center Argent; on a chief embattled Or, a battering ram Proper.


From a wreath Or and Azure, issuant out of a naval crown Proper eight rays alternating of the first and Sable.


On either side of the shield a sea horse Proper.


A tripartite scroll Or doubled and inscribed "TRADITION PRIDE READINESS" Azure.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white round shape enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outer side with gold rope and inscribed in gold with the words "USCGC CAMPBELL" above and "WMEC 909" below.



Blue alludes to the sea and gold indicates excellence. The ship's wheel symbolizes seaworthiness and leadership. The six sections and handles refer to the number of ships which have borne the name "Campbell". The lightning bolts represent the quick strike capabilities and the Campbell's onboard computer system, COMDAC, unique of its 270 foot class. The chief simulates a fortified wall with six crenelations symbolizing the heritage and traditions of the present and the five previous Campbells. The battering ram, and ancient engine of war, represents one of the previous Campbell's most famous events in WWII, the sinking of a German U boat by ramming it.


Because of her many years of service, the fifth Campbell (WHEC 302) earned the title "QUEEN OF THE SEAS". This is represented by the naval crown which is of ancient origin and was granted to eminent sailors. The rays suggest spear points and symbolize military readiness and the ship's multi-mission functions. The colors gold and black are adapted from the coat of arms of various branches of the Campbell family.


The heraldic sea horse, a powerful marine animal, symbolizes the USCGC Campbell and its crew has been perpetuated from the coat of arms of the fifth USCGC Campbell (WHEC 302).

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