USCGC Aspen (WLB 208)
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Distinctive Unit Insignia



Per bend Argent and Gules a lightning flash bendwise Celeste, on a pale Azure between a compass rose of the first and a buoy, two aspen leaves Proper.


From a wreath Argent and Gules a ship's wheel Proper surmounted by a plate fimbriated Celeste charged with the Golden Gate Bridge Proper.


Two scrolls stacked, Argent doubled and inscribed "SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY" Azure and the bottom scroll, Azure doubled and inscribed "SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE" Argent.


Two naval swords points down saltirewise Proper. SEAL The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold chain inscribed "USCGC ASPEN" above and "WLB 208" below in gold.



Blue, red and white are the colors traditionally used by the U.S. Coast Guard. Gold is emblematic of excellence. The lightning flash underscores USCGC Aspen's advanced technology capabilities. The buoy and compass rose symbolize the primary mission of servicing aids to navigation. The aspen leaves highlight the two ships to bear the name ASPEN. The original ASPEN was a lighthouse tender, which serviced lighthouses within the Great Lakes.


The ship's wheel symbolizes guidance and search and rescue. The Celeste rim alludes to coastal waters. The Golden Gate Bridge emphasizes USCGC Aspen's area of operation along the entire coast of California. SUPPORTERS: The crossed swords symbolize teamwork plus the cutter's mission to enforce U.S. maritime and environmental protection laws.

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