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Training and Education Command

Training and Education Command- USMC

DESCRIPTION: On a white disc edged gold, two crossed swords points up, Mameluke and NCO, in proper colors supporting a scarlet shield with gold border thereon an open book in chief, binding leather proper with white pages edged gold, charged with a dark blue compass rose with smaller points Scarlet; all between five gold stars, two in dexter,two in sinister and one in base. Resting on top of the shield is the Marine Corps insignia all gold. The designation “TRAINING AND EDUCATION COMMAND” is inscribed above the shield around the top in dark blue letters. Below the shield between the handles of the swords is a bipartite dark blue scroll inscribed “TODAY’S STUDENT” “TOMORROW’S LEADER” in white letters between scarlet detail lines.

SYMBOLISM: Scarlet and gold are associated with the U.S.Marine Corps. Scarlet also stands for valor, sacrifice and zeal. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. The open book signifies education andlearning. The compass rose represents the responsibility of TECOM to insure the training and education of all Marines at all distances, garrison and/or while deployed away from CONUS. The compass rose also alludes to guidance and the world wide mission of TECOM. The Marine Corps insignia recalls the Marine Corps’ history and lineage. The crossed M16 black silhouettes edged gold symbolize U.S. Marine Warfare Training and Combat Readiness. The crossed Mameluke and NCO swords represent cooperation and the training aspect of TECOM’s mission. The motto and five stars highlight the Command’s mission to develop, coordinate, resource, execute and evaluate training and education concepts, policies, plans and programs to ensure Marines are prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.

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