Seal Postal Regulatory Commission
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Postal Regulatory Commission

Postal Regulatory Commission Seal

On a Gold color (Yellow) pentagon device, the base-line formed as a “V” edged with a Black border, a Black triangle point down and between the inscription at top, “POSTAL REGULATORY COMMISSION,” in White letters and in base at the point of the triangle three Celeste mullets two, two and one, the American Eagle with branch and arrows derived from the Great Seal of the United States charged on the breast with the Commission’s earlier round seal inscribed “POSTAL REGULATORY COMMISSION” and the date, “2006,” all in Gold (Yellow).

The eagle with earlier seal and shield represents the Commission and its history of service to the United States Government. The five light blue mullets in base refer to the five members of the Commission who are appointed by the President. The color black denotes prosperity and fiscal responsibility. Gold and light blue denote, respectively, excellence and diligent service. The shape of the device, reminiscent of a keystone, symbolizes stability and strength.

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