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Air Force Commendation Medal


Obverse: The Air Force Commendation Medal is a bronze hexagon (one point up), 1-3/8 inches wide with a raised border. The medal is finished in a light brown patina. In the center is the Air Force coat of arms. Above the coat of arms is an eagle with wings spread, facing left and perched upon a baton. Its wingtips are in front of the raised border, and there is a cloud formation in the background.

Reverse: The reverse contains a plaque towards the bottom of the medal for inscribing the recipient’s name. Above the plaque (in three lines), the inscription, “FOR MILITARY MERIT,” in raised letters, with the word MILITARY slightly arched.

The ribbon is predominantly Air Force yellow with its center bisected by a stripe of ultramarine blue. This center stripe is edged in yellow which is followed on both sides by a blue pinstripe. The outer portion of the ribbon is also edged in blue.

See AFI36-2803 (Air Force Military Awards and Decorations Program).

The Air Force Commendation Medal was authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force on March 28, 1958 and was designed and sculpted by Thomas Jones of the Institute of Heraldry. The medal is awarded to service members below the rank of brigadier general who, while serving in any capacity with the Air Force, distinguish themselves by heroism, outstanding achievement or by meritorious service not of a sufficient nature to justify a higher award.

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