National Intelligence Distinguished Public Service Medal
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Obverse: A gold color medal 1-1/2 inches (3.81) in height overall consisting of a disc bearing the seal of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence with a wreath on the lower half of the rim, all gold.

Reverse: On the reverse, a name table below an arc of the words “DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC SERVICE” and in base the words “FOR EXTRAORDINARY CONTRIBUTIONS IN SUPPORT OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY,” all gold.

The ribbon is 1-3/8 inches wide. It is White with two 3/8 inch Dark Blue (Old Glory Blue) stripes on either edge with 1/32 inch White and Celeste (Bluebird) stripes on its inside edges; at center is a 5/32 inch Golden Yellow stripe.

See Intelligence Community Directive Number 655 (National Intelligence Awards Program).

The seal of the Director of National Intelligence represents the mission of the organization to serve as the principle adviser to the President of the United States for Intelligence matters related to National security.

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